IMAGE - In solidarity

Scrolling through social media pages this week, people post a lot of happy family and group photos. However, on Christmas Day, my heart was broken. There are millions of people who do not feel the same way on this special day.  

In solidarity 

So, in solidarity with all those WHO ARE NOT HAVING A HAPPY CHRISTMAS,  

- those who are caught up in a war  

- those who just lost loved ones

- those who have lost their livelihoods

- those who have lost hope

- those who have no one

- those who feel they don’t belong anywhere

- those who feel unloved

- those who think they are a failure

- those who can’t believe,

I am NOT POSTING any happy family or group PHOTOS for a week or until the New Year.

To them, I offer my prayers.  

To them, I offer my HEART.

Because we are one big human family ….




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