October is the month of Fair Trade. Most of us who enjoy our daily food and clothing from our local shopping centres and grocery shops do not even know where these products are coming from. We simply want the cheapest item we could get from the different suppliers.

During this month of Fair Trade, I would like to share some information about why we should support Fair Trade.
Here are some information from the site befair.org …

“What is Fair Trade?
Buying Fair Trade ensures that you’re getting quality products and the people who grow, sew and craft them get a fair deal for their hard work. In fact, your everyday purchases can help farmers and factory workers in 70 countries work in safe conditions, earn extra money to invest in their communities and improve the lives of their families.”

“It turns out, good practices and good products go hand in hand. A growing number of farmers, factories, businesses, and consumers are seeing how investing in people best secures the future of the products (and planet) we love. By purchasing Fair Trade, you join a virtuous circle that improves lives, protects the environment, and produces high-quality products for you and your family to enjoy.”

“Fair Trade Month aims to raise awareness of the reasons why fair trade is important, and to promote buying and using socially and commercially sustainable, fair trade products in place of commodities which may harm the environment, the economy, communities and disadvantaged individuals.”

Even in your day to day cooking, try to choose products that have the label Fair Trade. This is the least we can do to our fellowmen and to our environment. Do it this month.

All the best.


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