When my position was made redundant, I was not sure what kind of work I would need to search for. I knew I could work in different industries but I wanted to be doing the work that I believed God wanted me to do next. I prayed and discerned.

I then identified and listed all the things I was interested in, liked to do and had a passion for. The list included topics such as sharing my faith, writing down my reflections, blogging, online marketing and social media.

I also made another list of all my experiences and exposures at work and while volunteering at the local church community. This list included helping the unemployed get skilled or find a job, supporting migrant workers with their practical needs, assisting new entrepreneurs with livelihood projects, helping youth find their life direction, helping children enjoy the liturgy and helping seniors enjoy learning new hobbies.

The third list was about my hopes and dreams. This included writing a book or publishing articles for faith-related publications and so on.

The three main things that came out were faith, people and marketing. Translated into work, this meant that my sweet spot would be helping people by sharing my faith through (blog content writing, social media management and online) marketing.

When I narrowed down my searches based on the common denominator of these three areas, I was getting interviews more often until I was finally able to join the team doing exactly what I had previously identified as my sweet spot.

While waiting for directions on the opportunity I believed God was preparing for me, I enrolled in a course that was on offer at a discount hoping that I could help my husband’s financial planning practice and started a little online store hoping to learn how these businesses are run so I could teach our little boys.

Sweetspotting, as I call it, is finding out where your sweet spot lies in terms of your likes, experiences and dreams as you search for your next lifestyle, business or work goals. It is the optimum use of skills, talents and experiences.

All the best!



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